Funded 30 hours for 3/4 years & Funded 15 hours for 2 years
Funded 30 hours for 3/4 years & Funded 15 hours for 2 years
We're Open 07:30 am - 06:00 pm
Why Choose Us?
If you are looking for a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your child, then look no further! Rising Stars Nursery & Daycare is the place to be. The premises are designed and equipped with children’s needs in mind. Safety, comfort, learning and enjoyment are our main objectives and everything we do reflects these objectives.

Apart from the quality care and education, we take child protection and safeguarding seriously. All members of staff are required to attend formal child protection training as part of their mandatory induction program. Systems are in place for the safe arrival and departure of children, with arrival and departure times recorded daily. All visitors are accompanied at all times when on the premises.
Meet Our Staff
Our staff consist of highly qualified childcare professionals. 90% of our team hold a level 3 qualification or above in childcare and child development. All staff members are DBS checked and commit to the disqualification by association policy by confirming that they do not live in the same household with someone who has been barred from working with children. All staff have First Aid training, with the majority trained specially in Paediatric First Aid.

We are like one big happy family here at Rising Stars Nursery & Daycare and you will find our staff welcoming, polite and enthusiastic about your child’s progress and development.
Key Person Approach
We operate a Key Person approach here at the nursery. Through our Key person approach, we ensure that children have a strong relationship with an adult in the nursery in order to support their emotional well-being. We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and we believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and security.
The key person will build a special relationship with a small number of children and help to meet their needs. They also help them to develop relationship with other members of staff. When the child is ready to move into the next room, for instance from babies to toddler room, their key person will be there to help them to develop a relationship with their new key person.

The key persons offer security, reassurance and continuity. They also share information with the parents / carers about their child’s experiences and development in nursery. Our staff will always maintain a courteous and professional attitude towards children, parents, carers and other staff members.
We were awarded a ‘Good’ rating in our latest Ofsted report.

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills is a non-ministerial department of the UK government, reporting to Parliament. The body inspects schools and nurseries in order to provide a consistent rating based on the provision and quality of services. Good is next to Outstanding, the highest rating that can be awarded.

Click here to read our latest report.

Here's What Parent's Have To Say
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Policies & Procedure
Our policies and procedures are available to all members of staff, parents, carers, Ofsted and other relevant organisations. They will be displayed at all times and as a team we will review them.

Some of our policies include – Behaviour Management Policy, Child Protection Policy, Children’s Development and Learning, Complaints Procedure, Confidentiality Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, Equipment and Resources Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Food & Drink Policy, Non Collection of Children Policy, Outing Policy, Parental Involvement Policy, Settling-in-Policy, Staffing and Employment Policy, Student Placement Policy and Team Working Policy.
Parent Partnership
We are committed to working with parents to provide the best care for all children. We aim to do this by engaging in ongoing dialogue with our parents, to gain knowledge of the individual needs of the children and to support them in the best way possible. We inform parents regularly about their children’s progress and we provide opportunities for parents to learn about our curriculum and what the children learn at our setting. Information is passed on usually during parent’s meeting, daily verbal feedback or written communication.
We keep a diary system which we exchange with parents on food, sleep and nappy changes for young children. We also keep record of children’s development, work and play activities and share them with parents.

We involve parents in the planning of outings, themes, menus and various other projects. All parents have access to our compliance manual together with our policies and procedures. They are informed of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions. We keep an open door policy for parents to come in and see us. We genuinely want to work with you to offer your child the best.
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